Author's art hand woven tapestries and other art in the Internet-shop




1. Please, do not hurry with acquisition of an art hand woven tapestry:
#  for example, if it is a gift, not every person that has receiving the gift is able to see the differance between an author's work of art and to estimate an expensive hand work of the artist in comparison to thin contrasted graphics of cotton threads for low-budget machine jacquard cloth from a factory;
# if it is the comissional order, it is necessary to be ready that the hand woven tapestry is very long-living product, it is for long years and this product will demand a separate place in a clean room, hygienic maintenance during all years of the person life, and will require then care for itself from successors, which one can and not be ready to take up such obligations;
# in connection with longevity of art hand-woven tapestries: at the ordering - idea of product, its image and pattern should be well balanced, that the product did not lose an actuality, art and financial value after many years.
The authoring brand "Olga Knyaz" of ours art hand woven tapestries  is in use by us since 1989 and today is known for world art community, but the personal choice of the artist depends of art taste of each person. Our separate differences: the official agreement and all documents, at the coordination - possibility of knotless tapestry reverse side for longevity and more easy maintenance, choice of hanging ways (constant strong, quick-detachable or without suspender for a framing), experience of complicated images creation  (portraits, copies of classic painting). However, special quality of technical design of a cloth, large work (often they ask us about very complicated images that other people refused), official payment of all taxes in Russian Federation (we work on a professional basis) - increase the price of product.
Therefore, look, please, on other artists works  at our site Links page, discover the "Your" hand woven tapestry artist...

Moscow Vasilyewskiy Spusk -

We are working in Moscow,
it is easy to visit Red Square today

2. If doubts are absent and decision is ready - it is possible to send request about any item of Internet-shop or to describe your definition of the future product  idea for creation => SEND REQUEST IN MOSCOW NOW

The "Internet - shop" is the generally accepted name, and in our case is the current author's tapestry collection for demonstrating of interlacings and immediate viewing at choice of kinds of an art cloth for the comissional order. The ordering of creation - always mirrors individuality of preferences better. However, creations work needs a time (about 1-2 square yard of a cloth per one month from a date of  the project confirmation), therefore for viewing substantial features of the future products we represent ready products in "Internet - shop".

3. Telephone in Moscow - (4 9 5) 3 8 6 - 8 2 2 1 (daily 12 a.m. - 12 p.m. GMT).


1. The sale contract, specification of artwork.
For on-line contract concluding we need art work data and the identifying Customer data (first name, middle, initial, last name and address of the buyer or passport data of an type " serial - number - passport department - DD-MM-YY" or any data of document number  to identify real existing person - for our reporting in the tax inspection or/and to show on demand of state law and security inspections of the Russian Federation). Contract form for signing we have sending in request.
2. Bill form, invoice.
After the contract concluding (now, the signing with usage of channels of telecommunications is legal in the Russia too) is required partial advance payment - for confirmation  of intentions reliability of the Customer and for the beginning operations expenses. We prepare the bill form and invoice on the total of advance payment. In case of direct cash payment is adding the payment  form of type "Notification-Counterfoil" for a bank cash apparatus mark about cash receipt.
3. E-mail scan copy or fax copy of the advance payment document with a mark of bank accordingly the concluded contract.
We need this copy to check fast that the transaction is confirmed by both banks - the Customer's bank and the Artist's one. The original payment document should be keeping by Customer for the confirmation of the contract obligation are valid, to confirm the artwork price and property right to art product. The contract, signed by both parties, and confirmation by both above mentioned banks of the advance payment transaction are the basis for the artist work beginning and are the legal warranty for the Customer with Russian Federation laws.
4. A deed of acceptance is necessary to sign after (or at the simplified contract form - special section in the agreement) about artwork receptiont and completion of financial obligations.
Similarly, as well as at initial stage of work -  the bill form and invoice on the total of advance payment. In case of direct cash payment is adding the payment  form of type "Notification-Counterfoil" for a bank cash apparatus mark about cash receipt.

Russian Tsar Peter First Monument -

Russian Tsar Peter First
Monument in Moscow

5. Photos and videomaterials. During weaving work for documentary confirmations of image creation progress - sending of illustrative materials via email in terms as have agreed the contracting parties.
It has the special importance for expensive tapestries when long work needs payment parts on stages.
6. Author's certificate.
Obligatory for all expensive art works, for other art works - on request.
7. If necessary (but, forward to finish of all work) - abroad  art exportation licence.

Art Export Licence
Top part of a former used export licence

In Moscow export art  permission gives the Committee on Culture of Government of Moscow (they need filled application form, to show the documents on the art property right, demonstration of the art work and its photos, small licence fee are required and the application form filled by Customer).

The current order of the procedure as well as days and working hours should be checked for current time beforehand for exception of losses of time.

In Moscow it is more convenient, if permission takes the Customer personally with artist presence and confirmation - for exception of random mismatches in documents.
Especial importance it has if the trusted person or art dealer delivers the art work to final Customer abroad and is party that has signing the contract.


1. Bank transfer.
In ours bank - is possible on-line payment ( EURO or USD, bank data for transfer - on request, after contract signing).
Note. Cash in artist's hands - impossible, only via bank cash apparatus (Russian Federation Government new law about obligatory cash apparatus installation in artist's studio from January 2007... still is not at end of the logic for correct and convenient use of cash apparatuses in artists' studios - a lot of additional work instead or art creation. But it is also advantage - bank confirmation guarantee for both parties.
Bank operations became in the Russian Federation very reliable due to efforts of State Tax Inspection and other state financial controle institutions.

MoscowTaxInspectionPalace.jpg (11720 bytes)

Moscow city Tax Inspection Palace


Skating Board -
This time it is skating board...
(To control shipment conditions is not always
possible - to accept the tapestry in Moscow
from-hands-to-hands is the best solution)
1. The delivery inside of Moscow city - FREE at the sum of the order above 500 rubles.
2. The total sum of the order is calculating on overall costs in the one address, irrespective of cost of each item at the collective orders.
3. Delivery time in Moscow - approximately during 24-48 hours for the objects, exhibited in sale, or contractual time at special orders.
4. For more fast delivery - it is possible to call
  in Moscow  (4 9 5) 3 8 6 - 8 2 2 1
and to notify about the sent electronic request.
5. The time can also be economized if indicate data of the Customer for the contract in the electronic request (if it allows of the computer network confidentiality).
6. The delivery in Moscow city is possible as to the address, and at meeting in the metro or known place. Is convenient, the data for filling of the contract lines in this case to be transmitted beforehand. For large artworks and also for cases of detailed consideration, non-standard orders - we must agree all details, please.
7. Tapestry weight (average) is from a pair to several kilograms and  it influences at cost of delivery, some tapestries might be unique and these is better take-give from-hand-to-hand - say if Customer arriving in Moscow to accept ready ordered via Internet contract order tapestry.
We are able to ensure hard external box for involute tapestry if it is necessary, but it is additional weight.
Other cheaper art might be sent via regualar e-mail (art cards - in usual mail envelope) if Customer is agreed to wait some not exact time (for example regular mail from Moscow city to North American continent might deliver art about 40 days) and if Customer is agreed to add delivery price that sometimes might be expensiver than costs of some art souvenirs. (At this web site are indicated all prices for Moscow city - ex artist's studio).
For special cases of art delivery, the participating of the intermediary-guarantor (art saloon, gallery, dealer or famous artist) - is possible, if special situation or impossibility of take art from-hands-to-hands in Moscow. If the intermediary on delivery between cities and countries is required, the intermediary can take up the obligations of the Customer and sign the agreement personally.

Olga_Knyaz_Ready_Tapestry.jpg (14263 bytes)

Tapestry acceptance
in artist's studio